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Re: how to display html files on google drives

Le 21/04/2019 à 23:40, Pierre Frenkiel a écrit :
> On Sun, 21 Apr 2019, didier gaumet wrote:
>> What I gather is that Google did not announce end of html support (It's
>> the heart of its ecosystem) but end of life of its Google Drive PC
>> tools, in order to access Google Drive via... html (Chrome as the
>> central tool) :-)
> I saw:
>    "Deprecating web hosting support in Google Drive Beginning August 31,
>     2015, web hosting in Google Drive for users and developers will be
>     deprecated. Google Apps customers can continue"

web hosting is based upon html, but it is not html.
Google Drive is accessed primarily via http (so, html)

>   In a previous post, I said:
>> what I want to do is to give access
>> to other people to the html file, in order that they can display
>> the images together with the comments contained in the html.
>    more precisely, I want to give access to the images AND their associated
>    comments (generally 1 or 2 lines)
>    If not html, what do you suggest to do that?
>    (the html support was is also discontinued in Dropbox)

potentially, html file <> web page <> web site
particularly, pics are not included in an html files, and their path can
be absolute or relative

I just saved a webpage with menus and pics (from internet) on Google Drive:
- when saved on Google Drive as simple html, the page rendered by
firefox from Google Drive is blank
- when saved on Google Drive as complete web page (so: html file plus an
entire folder), the page rendered by firefox from Google Drive is
identical to that rendered by firefox from internet

So it seems to me that publishing at least a small webpage with its pics
on Google Drive is still possible

I do not know what kind of volume (3 or 3000 pages) you need to publish,
if you are knowledgeable in html, if you create your pages (and if there
is a script language like PHP) or if you want to privately give access
to web pages you did note create and only saved (for example: pages from
a paywalled site), or... etc...

And in fact what you really want is perhaps more a shared photo album
with comments (like Google Photos)?

or, depending on your needs,
 either a full-fledged website hosted by an actual web hosting service
(Google: Google Domains?), not a momentarily available commodity like
web hosting on Google Drive
 or if you have a small number of web pages: you can print them as one
or several pdf that you put on Google Drive (that's what I do when I
want to save a webpage with its pictures)

Sorry, I stop there, being far from expert in this domain :-)