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Re: is xdvi broken?

On Sun 21 Apr 2019 at 02:31:51 (-0500), rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On 2019.04.20 19:42, David Wright wrote:
> > How do you "switch" between them?
> Alt-TAB, multiple times if necessary.  I switch back and forth between
> four or five windows: Emacs, dictionary, xdvi, terminal, and sometimes
> a reference document on a web page.  Running latexmk, I hardly ever
> needed to switch to the terminal window.

That sounds as if you're rotating the focus between windows that are
all on the screen at the same time, perhaps in a minimised state part
of the time?

> > That's why I asked how you "switch" between them, above, in order to
> > find out what shortcut you're using that makes hitting "R" in the
> > preview window too onerous. I find a major advantage in not having
> > the viewer update itself automatically.
> I agree; so just before switching to the viewer, I save the document
> (Ctr-x s) in Emacs and then switch; but if I wish to look again at the
> old version, I switch without saving.

Yes, but once it's saved so that you can view the newer version, the
old one is gone for good. I don't know of any way to prevent xdvi from
reloading a file whenever it changes. Using viewports in fvwm with xpdf,
you can instantly switch between the two versions of the PDF displayed
in precisely the same position on the screen, to make an accurate
comparison. (Evince and zathura both suffer the same problem as xdvi.)
But for most people, it's probably a minor detail.