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Re: how to display html files on google drives

Le 21/04/2019 à 21:22, Pierre Frenkiel a écrit :

>    It seems I was not clear enough: what I want to do is to give access
>    to other people to the html file,

A webpage containing images is not a simple html file (look at the
previous link)
If you cannot sea pictures in your webpages stored on your Google Drive,
chances are that these webpages have been saved as simple html (without
pictures) or you gave these users rights to read the html file but not
images and other stuff stored in the folder created to contain them

>  in order that they can display
>    the images together with the comments contained in the html.
>    Saving anything on my PC is useless.

Using a local file-manager to access your remote Google Drive is not
saving anything locally: it is accessing a remote storage area. You may
use a file-manager to access SMB, NFS, Dropbox, Nextcloud, etc... on the
The same thing as when you use thunderbird to access your gmail account:
IMAP being a protocol to manage distant mails, the mails are not stored
locally (roughly, excluding synchros).

>    Anyway, this discussion is obsolete, as I saw that Google  announced
>    some years ago that they discontinue the support to html.

What I gather is that Google did not announce end of html support (It's
the heart of its ecosystem) but end of life of its Google Drive PC
tools, in order to access Google Drive via... html (Chrome as the
central tool) :-)