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Re: how to display html files on google drive

Le 21/04/2019 à 10:10, Pierre Frenkiel a écrit :

>    of course, I'm using a web browswer, but with either chromium or
> firefox,
>    I have the same problem when opening my html file: the images are not
>    displayed.

1)  What I mean is (from what I understand...):

- Google Drive is like GMail, the latter being accessed with a MUA (ex:
thunderbird) via the IMAP protocol or via a web browser; the former
being accessed with a file manager via Google API or with a web browser
via http.
- You cannot access Google Drive with a file manager via http
- In your file-manager you can open a web page stored on your Google
Drive with whatever web browser you choose

2) Another point is: is the web page you try to display a complete web
page or just the html part?