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What's the device name of my microSD card?

I have just assembled a [Teres machine] to learn how to set it up from the instructions on http://box.redpill.dk/ mentioned before on this list.

I run into my ignorance already at instruction 2: "Locate device name of your microSD card".

It turns out when I use completion with ls /dev/disk/by-id/ that my new USB microSD card reader says that my micro SD card has two names:


This ambiguity becomes problematic when I try instruction 4) "Decompress and copy image onto card" with "Fast method" b):

sudo sh -c 'zcat core-lime2-1.0b17.img.gz > /dev/disk/by-id/my-sd-card'

I guess that the placeholder "my-sd-card" is neither of the two names above.

Basically: How do I find out the device name of my microSD card?

Best regards.


[Teres machine] https://www.olimex.com/Products/DIY-Laptop/KITS/TERES-A64-BLACK/