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Re: is xdvi broken?

On 2019.04.21 02:31, rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On 2019.04.20 19:42, David Wright wrote:
So you expect that visitors can print from PDFs but you print locally
with PS. Any reason?

Kindly forgive my deficiency in the field of reading comprehension. I finally understand your question.

I expect visitors to print from PDF. I think few of them would know what to do with a DVI file, and I think few have a Postscript printer.

However, my laser printers always have been Postscript, and someone long ago introduced me to the "dvips" utility.

Inasmuch as I print many things, and I need PDF documents only for publication, I normally execute dvips and lpr, unless the document needs to be PDF.

That seems to me more simple and more direct than routinely to produce PDF and then routinely to convert PDF to Postscript for printing. Am I misunderstanding something?