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Re: how to display html files on google drive

Le 20/04/2019 à 16:30, Pierre Frenkiel a écrit :
> hi,
> I can't find a working application to display the html file I've uploaded
> to Google Drive.
> the "Html viewer" is bugged, as it displays forever a rotating wheel...
> Otherwise, is there an other way that html to display images with comments,
> caption,...?
> best regards,

On the Drive website (drive.google.com) ou may associate an application
to view your html webpage but the proposed applications don't seem to
include any actual webbrowser.

Or you may access your drive via a file manager (Nautilos (Gnome) does
it and probably any gvfs compliant file manager if gvfs-backends is
installed (I think Thunar (Xfce) should do but I have not verified)