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pi question

A Raspberry Pi 3B+ I'm working on, running last week's raspian stretch,
kept saying there was something it couldn't do (don't remember just
what, but there was a permissions problem).

A little looking around showed a directory called /run/user/1000/gvfs
with permissions == d?????????, owner == ?, and group == ?. That would
definitely cause a permissions problem.

I assumed the SD was corrupt and built a new one -- same thing.

I assumed my download was corrupt and got a new one (this week's
raspian) -- same thing.

I assumed something was corrupting the SD when I installed something, so
I built a new SD. Right after NOOBS finished upgrading things, I checked
the dir -- same thing.

On the Pi (3+, same last week's raspian, and lots of installs) acting as
a bridge from WiFi to Ethernet (working), there is no gvfs dir, and the
dir below /run/user is 0, not 1000.

I looked at the genuine Debian Buster install on the desktop across the
room, and /run/user/1000/gvfs was fine: drwx------, owned by me and my
group (a bit odd; I would have expected root).

There's a man page on gvfs, but I don't understand it. gvfs does things
I've never encountered.

FWIW, xfce4 is the desktop on everything (except the test right after
the NOOBS upgrade).

Anybody have any ideas?

Glenn English