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Re: is xdvi broken?

On 2019-04-19, rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx <rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2019.04.19 17:33, Étienne Mollier wrote:
> ...
>> It has this look and feel typical from monochrome X
>> graphical interfaces released in the 80's.  Tasty !  :)
> At least for diagnosing this problem, I would be interested in an 
> alternative to xdvi.

For 'latexmk -pvc', maybe you could create a $HOME/.latexmkrc file (if
you don't already have one)

 $dvi_previewer = 'start xdvi -watchfile 1.5';
 $ps_previewer  = 'start gv --watch';
 $pdf_previewer = 'start evince';

and use evince (or some other) dvi viewer rather than xdvi ('start
evince' instead of 'start xdvi -watchfile 1.5' above).

I guess even if you close the xdvi window, any subsequent saves in the
source file(s) might launch another instance (I don't have latexmk
installed so I can't experiment).