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Re: is xdvi broken?

On 2019-04-20, rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx <rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> But looking at just emacs, xdvi, and xterm running in separate
>> windows, I can't see any difference in their behaviour from what I
>> remember in the dim and distant past.  The one unusual (for me)
>> property of xdvi is that it rereads the input file whenever its window
>> is exposed, without needing a ^R keystroke.  I have no idea whether
>> this might interact with certain sorts of window manager.
> Sadly, that property is not working on my Debian 9 system, and it is 
> needed.

There's an old bug about xdvi autofresh not working with the XFCE
"compositing manager."


According to the xdvi man page, the default is not to refresh ('-watchfile n'
must be set to a value larger than 0, zero being the default).

You probably know this already (as you had it all working before
upgrading to number 9).

> Again, things were running properly with Debian 8.  Something changed 
> when I installed Debian 9.  While typing this reply, I just now realize 
> that I installed Debian 9 on a different machine (this box), so the 
> machine with the Debian 8 installation is still intact.  Could there be 
> something pathological in this hardware, such as memory going bad?