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Re: is xdvi broken?

On 2019.04.17 13:20, rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I had forgotten about the concept of focus; I thank you for reminding
me, and for pointing me to the window manager.

After replacing the keyboard, it still appears that either xdvi is broken, or that there is a strange interaction between xdvi and xfce, or that it is xfce which is broken.

Typical symptoms include:

= Upon executing "latex <filename.tex>" xdvi does not display the revised text until a cursor key is pressed.

= Sometimes the xdvi display shows a double image or a portion of one page written over an existing page. At that point, I have found no method of recovery other than to restart the computer.

= If Firefox is running, a second instance of Firefox is opened in a new window, and the new window is moved to a different workspace in which Emacs and xdvi are running, Emacs and xdvi both disappear.

I now am wondering if the ultimate culprit is xorg, and that the ultimate answer is wayland.

I am perplexed. Perhaps I should install Debian 8 on an older (non-uefi-bios) machine; I need a stable work environment.