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Re: firefox > Preferences > When Firefox starts

On 4/19/19, peter@xxxxxxxxxxx <peter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello again,
> The configuration mentioned in the subject line is set to "Show your
> home page".   Here the home page is file:///home/peter/....html, a
> local page. Nevertheless startup sometimes displays "Sorry.  We're
> having trouble getting your pages back."
> Ideas?

I'm doing that, too (with Opera), to slow down pages automatically
opening on each reboot... Mine is a #toDo #shoppingList. :)

I ended up thinking of several questions that *might* help others help you..

* Is that the only live tab for each new session, or are there varying
numbers based on each last time you websurfed?

* Can you tell if this has something to do with Firefox crashing,
maybe? I've received similar messages when various of my browsers have
fallen victim to my laptop overheating and suddenly shutting down,
etc.. :)

* Can you try opening it via a terminal over your next few browsing
session startups to see if any error messages pop up? That might tell
you what's not happening that's causing THAT to happen.

Depending on how you installed Firefox, opening via terminal might
take using the whole execute (/bin or /usr/bin or
/usr/lib/firefox/firefox OR....) path to get it to work. If you
installed via a dotDEB, my fading memory is that you should be able to
just type in "firefox".

* You know, this is a little bit reminding me of that period of time
that I went through with Thunar (Xfce4 file manager) never completely
shutting down AND STILL be "alive" after a full reboot.

BEFORE you start each Firefox session, you could see if that might be
the case by checking something like "ps" to see what's running. For
something like this, *I* use....

ps aux|grep firefox

That simple command *should* only shout back that the grep command
just ran. If anything else does pop up, you have to dissect each line
to see if it answers anything.

There's a slightly longer way to quiet that echo of the grep command,
but I wouldn't even know where to start looking in my notes. Someone
here on Debian-User once shared that.

If anything about a Firefox executable'ish kind of thing comes back at
you when you run something like "ps", Firefox isn't shutting all the
way down for some reason.

* THAT lastly just triggered the memory of stumbling over where we at
least USED to have a toggle on/off switch that prevented website apps
from still running in the background after we closed our browsers. If
that was running just wrong in the background, it might have enough
juice to interfere with a clean new Firefox startup.

Those apps would be things that are (presumably) "safely" installed
locally by the various websites we visit. We would hope those apps are
trustworthy. On new upgrades, I always sought that feature out and
toggled it off because I don't have the resources for something like
that to elbow its way into the mix. :)

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with birdseed *