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Re: is xdvi broken?

rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

> On 2019.04.16 14:20, Dan Ritter wrote:
>> I would be looking at the keyboard. Is it possible that you have
>> some stickiness in your bottom row modifiers? Unintentional
>> presses and slow releases can cause symptoms like you have
>> described.
> I thank you, kind sir.  I am aware that my expensive and not-very-old
> MX3850USB Cherry keyboard is not well-behaved; I shall return to my
> old $12 keyboard.
> However, I still question why the display kept returning to the xdvi
> window after I closed the window and had started no other instance of
> xdvi.  Could the reason be that I started xdvi in the background,
> using & at the end of the command line?

Do you have some kind of live-preview configuration?  It's been a while
since I did LaTeX, but I remember latex-mode had some configuration that
allows to to continuously run (pdf)latex and keep a previewer running.
I think the latexmk command does something similar.  See if you have an
instance of that running in the background somewhere.

Try with an empty ~/.emacs.d (or start emacs with -Q) and see if the
behaviour persists.  That will eliminate latex-mode configuration as a
potential culprit.