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Re: is xdvi broken?

rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
> my desktop system:  amd64, Debian 9, xfce, Emacs 24, TeXLive, xdvi
> While using xdvi to view a LaTeX document being written with Emacs, the
> display keeps jumping from the Emacs window to the xdvi window.
> The behaviour persists even after the xdvi window is closed; while in Emacs
> I suddenly am looking at the document in the xdvi window.
> Several xfce launchers (synaptic and midnight commander) never have worked,
> but others work properly.
> Once or twice a week it seems that the desktop is not working quite right
> with the workspace switcher, but I have not been able to discern a pattern.
> When I restart the computer, things appear to work properly again.
> Is xdvi broken?  Or can it be that there is a failure in the  motherboard or
> the memory of this system?  Or can the hard drive be the culprit?  The
> hardware is more than five years old, but the computer is the newest machine
> I have.

I would be looking at the keyboard. Is it possible that you have
some stickiness in your bottom row modifiers? Unintentional
presses and slow releases can cause symptoms like you have