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is xdvi broken?

my desktop system:  amd64, Debian 9, xfce, Emacs 24, TeXLive, xdvi

While using xdvi to view a LaTeX document being written with Emacs, the display keeps jumping from the Emacs window to the xdvi window.

The behaviour persists even after the xdvi window is closed; while in Emacs I suddenly am looking at the document in the xdvi window.

Several xfce launchers (synaptic and midnight commander) never have worked, but others work properly.

Once or twice a week it seems that the desktop is not working quite right with the workspace switcher, but I have not been able to discern a pattern. When I restart the computer, things appear to work properly again.

Is xdvi broken? Or can it be that there is a failure in the motherboard or the memory of this system? Or can the hard drive be the culprit? The hardware is more than five years old, but the computer is the newest machine I have.