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Re: Cannot re-install synaptic on Buster.

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 11:45:07AM -0500, David Wright wrote:


> > Watch again systemd: while the default in Debian, it is perfectly
> > possible to install a Debian system without it [...]

> I've always assumed that there are Developers who, like us,
> avoid various types of software, like DEs, and so there will
> always remain possible methods of circumventihg them.

That's my take too. The point I wanted to make, though, is that
even those who voted for systemd are trying to keep SysV viable.
So my warmest thanks to them!

> > [...] That's why
> > I tend to go berserk every time I see mud being slung at them.

> Yes, but sometimes the mud appears from nowhere, just through poor
> attributions and excessive snipping (removing the context). For
> purely technical comments, it's less important, but for opinions
> it's vital to know who's actually saying what.

Some of it is definitely due to imperfect communication channels
(including their endpoints, i.e. we, humans). Some of it seems
to come with some strange lust for destruction, which I find
deeply disturbing.


> Never left fvwm in two decades!

Yah, we oldtimers :-)


> > Now let me step down from my soapbox.
> I agree. We have to accept that we depend on people scratching their
> itch, and we can't dictate to them, only suggest, help or persuade.
> Or even just help other users to realise they need time to change
> things. In the case in point, I feel sure that the people who
> developed synaptic will think about how to separate privileges so
> that the well-liked GUI can run as a user, communicating with a
> administrative daemon that does the privileged work.

Thanks for your wise words. We are on the same page, it seems. As far
as synaptic is concerned, it seems the problem is being worked on
(#818366). It's a serious bug, but hey, that's what testing is for,
isn't it?

-- tomás

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