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Re: just mail forwarding to smart mailer

Hi Bonno,

On Sunday, 14 April at 08:00, Bonno Bloksma wrote:

> All along I just installed the standard system on a Debian machine. Created an alias for the root user with the email address of our servicedesk to have it send any mails to my servicedesk account and that was it.
> The last Debian installations no longer have a default mailserver installed and frankly, I do not need a full blown mailserver but.... I do want mails generated on the local machine forwarded to our on-site smart relay server.
> I could install all of Exim again and do the standard dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config I did before where I tell it where the smarthost is, but.... is there a "better" way that does not need the full Exim package?
> I am looking for an "easy light weight just empty the local queue and send it to the smart host" setup.
> I don't mind experimenting and it doesn not need to be Exim but the info I get Googling is just too diverse and does not get me much closer to what I want. :-(
> Who can help me and point me to some relevant info?

The program 'msmtp' might be what you're looking for. It's an easy to
use smtp client. The Arch Linux wiki has some good info on 'mstmp'.

All the best