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Re: Exploring package interrelationships

On 2019-04-15, Richard Owlett <rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Neither
>    > $ dot -Tps -o APT::Cache::GivenOnly=1 dependency-graph.dot > owl2.ps
> Nor
>    > $ dot -o APT::Cache::GivenOnly=1 dependency-graph.dot
> gave useful output.
> I'll do some reading and try on something simpler.
> Thanks

That doesn't seem to be how you're supposed to do it.

I'm reading

Create the graph (with no package given all packages in the cache are

 apt-cache dotty apache2 > apache-dependency-graph.dot

Visualize the graph:

 dot -Tpng apache-dependency-grap.dot

But there's still too much stuff in there maybe to be legible. DW
suggests a restriction of the graph to only the packages given on the
command line. 

 apt-cache -o APT::Cache::GivenOnly=1 dotty apache2 apache2-common (etc.).