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Re: Exploring package interrelationships

On 04/15/2019 09:15 AM, David Wright wrote:

Using "dot -Tps  dependency-graph.dot > owl.ps" I got a displayable,
if not readable, graph. There was a warning in what I had read about
"dotty" about viewablity issues if the graph was too complex. Suspect
that is problem.

Add   -o APT::Cache::GivenOnly=1   to the commandline, and you'll get
a much smaller graph. I haven't figured out why python and
python-requests are missng from the graph, or is this a stretch/buster
difference. (I'm comparing the graph with the Packages entry:

  > $ dot -Tps -o APT::Cache::GivenOnly=1 dependency-graph.dot > owl2.ps
  > $ dot -o APT::Cache::GivenOnly=1 dependency-graph.dot
gave useful output.

I'll do some reading and try on something simpler.