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Re: Cannot re-install synaptic on Buster.

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 02:52:37PM +0300, Reco wrote:


> I'm not a part of Debian project, I'm just a user.

Then you are part, somehow. The one thing I appreciate about the
Debian project is precisely that it doesn't treat their users as
a merchandise (something less and less common these days).

> While I can build a package or two if a need arises, I'm too lazy to
> play this "maintainer for myself" role too often.
> So I (the user) use the packages they (maintainers) give me.

Yup. But they're listening. And they tend to be nice and civilised

> And I use "they" as a way of referring the group of people I'm not
> acquainted with, or whose identities are not relevant to the question
> discussed. Fits here, IMO.

Do you a favour. Next time there's a Debconf near you, do attend (if
at all possible). It's totally worth it, and perhaps, after that,
"their" identities will be relevant [1].


[1] I understand that you used this "identities aren't relevant" in
   a slightly different sense, by your restriction of context "to the
   question discussed". But I took the freedom to misinterpret you
   (just a little bit) to make the point, that yes, those Debian
   developers are people, each one which their character, each one
   different, but whom I trust _a lot_ (the functioning of my work
   computer depends on many of them, and they've let me down very
   rarely), and whom, in a somewhat abstract way I love, because
   they do their stuff with dedication, and often for no pay.
   So at some undefined meta level it is relevant again :-)

-- t 

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