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Re: Problem loading Debian 9.8.0

On 13/4/19 2:55 pm, Liam O'Toole wrote:
On 2019-04-10, Patrick Gallagher <patrick.gallagher.3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Hi Suppot,

This is not support. This is a mailing list for users of debian, just like you.

I installed Debian 9.8.0 on my laptop using an iso DVD image and Virtualbox


I create a virtual drive of 50GB and loaded the ISO from a local folder on
my Laptop.

The installation went fine but when it went to boot the Virtual box
software but the Debian OS didn't load.


Any suggestions would be welcome.


I don't use debian as a guest OS on virtualbox, but I know that there
are various prebuilt debian images[1] for that platform. You might have
better luck with one of those.

1: https://www.osboxes.org/debian/

I do, as a way of testing my 'odd' ideas at times.

The process generally just works. Most common problem is that sometimes vbox tries to boot the .iso again, so try removing that and floppy from the boot options.

Are you using vbox 6.04? A couple of us found minor issues with one of the recent minor updates which have now disappeared.

I'm not very patient when trying to fix something as new as a fresh install. If it fails, I try again - watching everything I do and I end up happy.

Keep trying

Keith Bainbridge

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