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Re: Cannot re-install synaptic on Buster.

On 15/4/19 6:12 pm, Brad Rogers wrote:
On Mon, 15 Apr 2019 17:32:47 +1000
Keith Bainbridge <keithrbau@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Keith,

I'm more intrigued that synaptic reportedly removed itself.
How is this possible, or did some other package force its removal?

Removal occurred because of otherwise unresolvable conflicts. In this
case, with Wayland.  OP apparently didn't notice Synaptic was to be
removed, and proceeded with the upgrade.

So if I don't install Wayland, I should not loose synaptic - for those odd times I need it to help me find something?

And the manual installation I did on my vbox test machine should be OK?


Keith Bainbridge

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