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Re: BTRFS snapshot space consumption (was: New laptop: need advice on choice...)

Peter Wiersig wrote: 
> Matthew Crews <mailinglists@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >
> > Here is a good talk on the subject by Michael Lucas, one of the premier
> > experts on ZFS. Its worth noting that a lot of the concepts apply to
> > BTRFS to varying degrees:
> >
> > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9A0dX2WqW8
> I don't have time yet, I think I will watch the whole thing later the
> week.
> But I hate the ZFS pushing going around, I think it's a almost fine idea
> from the technical standpoint, it will work if you decide to use it, but
> I surely don't trust the commercial parties behind ZFS as
> - they have acted malicious in the past,

There are no commercial parties behind ZFS. The code came from
Sun, who open-sourced it. Oracle bought Sun, and closed further
development. Open Solaris was forked as Illumos, Open Indiana,
and others, and continued ZFS development. FreeBSD adopted it
fairly quickly. All these efforts came together in OpenZFS.

ZFS is now in two incompatible versions: Oracle's, and ZFSonLinux,
which is now effectively the parent for all the other efforts including
FreeBSD's ZFS.

Oracle? Yeah, you can't trust Oracle any further than you can
spit Larry Ellison. They aren't involved in anything we do with
ZFS anymore.

> I would never put my business on ZFS, I'd always go the "more backups,
> and maybe less perfect GPL solution" route.

You have the choice.