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Re: BTRFS snapshot space consumption (was: New laptop: need advice on choice...)

Matthew Crews <mailinglists@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Here is a good talk on the subject by Michael Lucas, one of the premier
> experts on ZFS. Its worth noting that a lot of the concepts apply to
> BTRFS to varying degrees:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9A0dX2WqW8

I don't have time yet, I think I will watch the whole thing later the

But I hate the ZFS pushing going around, I think it's a almost fine idea
from the technical standpoint, it will work if you decide to use it, but

I surely don't trust the commercial parties behind ZFS as
- they have acted malicious in the past,

- cost us in the linux community a whole lot of energy with
that lawsuit

- were bought by the most twisting corporation which put Microsofts
embrace, extend and extinguish campaigns back on the amateur level.

I would never put my business on ZFS, I'd always go the "more backups,
and maybe less perfect GPL solution" route.

I would really like if the hostile Linux patchset would be off-topic
here and sorry BSD guys, while I know that there were (or are) things
like debian-kfreebsd, but I'm just your average (A/L)GPL-fanboy which
only grudgingly accepts BSD licensed code.  Because FSFs license
protects me better as a developer and as a user, is a non-malicous
cancer from my point of view.  And yes, the FSF GFDL is a mistake.