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Re: Correct way to install Intermediate certificates in Debian

On 13.04.2019 19:40, Tyler A wrote:

I had trouble visiting these two websites in Firefox, Epiphany and
verifying with OpenSSL.

- Births Deaths and Marriages (Government of South Australia)

- Hostplus Superannuation Fund

I can access both sites without any problems with my browser (Firefox).
AFAIK, intermediate certs are not required to be installed, if they are valid and pass the check with Issuer Root CA cert.
Only private certificates, that identify your client, are required to be installed, if remote server was configured to use them. Which is not the case for public web servers.
Here [1] is the output from openssl for one connection attempt for both sites.
Just to rule out possibility of any network misconfiguration, try to access both sites via Tor network or Opera browser's VPN feature, and without proxy server, if you use one.

[1] https://pastebin.com/raw/Z48bKzDs

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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