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Detour: notmuch advertisement (was: emacs save and kill buffer for (neo)mutt)

Pétùr <peturvilj@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I use neomutt with emacs.

If you're using the kitchen sink, why not stay completely in emacs?
(Disclaimer: I wrote one of the answers to that meta question)

I used mutt for decades, I still think it's a fine tool, but I found
more happiness in my chosen "notmuch" mail setup.  David & the bunch are
doing a terrific job with the project as whole and the debian packages
in focus, and even if you're building the project directly from the
repository, it's no bother with dabian (even stable).

What I gained by dropping mutt was an uninterupted access to the rest of
my life in emacs, and the user interface is streamlined to hundreds or
thousands of replied messages a day.

A I finish this post, the next keypress will be C-c C-c like many other
emacs modes, which will send the mail to the list, bury the buffer and
redisplay the search results, where I filtered for debian-user and
unread before.