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Re: New dual boot laptop: Best file system for a USB live image for installation?

On Fri 12 Apr 2019 at 21:42:51 (+0200), deloptes wrote:
> David Wright wrote:
> > We have a laptop that was used with windows for just under four
> > years. Main applications are Office for excel/word/powerpoint,
> > Outlook for email, Coreldraw for publication figures. Disk usage
> > is approximately 90GB, of which the user's own files are 45GB,
> > in a partition of 175GB. The partition was originally 423GB,
> > but I carved the space for my linux system out of it.
> on the company notebook I am still on windows 7. the disk is 250GB with more
> applications than office and many documents, diagrams etc it is now at
> ~170GB
> so you see 120 is not that much for windows.
> At home I have a virtual machine with windows7 where I run visio mostly but
> have the data on the share. I had to increase disk to 70GB recently after
> seriously cleaning up.
> I need to use that crap for money making ... oh and part of this 170GB is
> occupied by cygwin cause you need a more or less decent shell if you have
> to work with servers.

Your figures are virtually meaningless without any sort of breakdown
even into what's system and what's your documents.

And mention of cygwin merely clouds the issue: you say you just need a
decent shell, and a minimal installation will give you that. OTOH, a
full implementation is a completely different kettle of fish, and I
hazard that most linux users won't be interested in it at all.