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Re: New laptop: need advice on choice of file system types

Tom Browder composed on 2019-04-12 09:50 (UTC-0500):

> I have used ext4 for many years while I have been watching zfs and
> btrfs being developed. I am now considering using one or both on at
> least one partion during my upcoming new Debian installation.

Because of its snapshotting, BTRFS requires considerably more space than older
filesystems, as much as double.

> Can anyone recommend either one for a normal (non-developer,
> non-hobbyiest) user who does backups and values his data and wants
> reasonable reliability?

IMO it boils down to which you prefer:

1-sticking with what works, familiarity, finding web search answers easily?


2-replacing paradigms, learning new stuff?

It seems rather unusual to see any LVM user not recommend LVM.

As a member of the over-60 class, I prefer sticking with what works for me. I only
moved from EXT3 to EXT4 about 4 years ago, when I moved from 32bit to 64 bit.
LVM's extra layer(s) would render my backup/restore system that depends in large
part on cloning useless.
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