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Re: New dual boot laptop: Best file system for a USB live image for installation?

David Wright wrote:

> We have a laptop that was used with windows for just under four
> years. Main applications are Office for excel/word/powerpoint,
> Outlook for email, Coreldraw for publication figures. Disk usage
> is approximately 90GB, of which the user's own files are 45GB,
> in a partition of 175GB. The partition was originally 423GB,
> but I carved the space for my linux system out of it.

on the company notebook I am still on windows 7. the disk is 250GB with more
applications than office and many documents, diagrams etc it is now at

so you see 120 is not that much for windows.

At home I have a virtual machine with windows7 where I run visio mostly but
have the data on the share. I had to increase disk to 70GB recently after
seriously cleaning up.

I need to use that crap for money making ... oh and part of this 170GB is
occupied by cygwin cause you need a more or less decent shell if you have
to work with servers.