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Re: Debugging samba

Kevin DAGNEAUX wrote:

> The bug id 13439 give me an interesting info (about kernel / glibc).
> I'll follow this thread to see if a solution will be added.
> I'm running kernel 4.9.144-3.1 (from debian repo)

I always optimize and use a newer version of the kernel, which I build for
the machine in question, which means I am far away from 4.9 for at least
two years now. Which seems consistant, because I saw there was coredump
from 2017 laying around - don't know if it is related or not though.
ATM I am on 4.19.25 which is LTS and I think I'll stick to it for a while as
everything is working so well, that I do not see a reason to change.

But on the other hand it is showing pthread as a problem and they were
discussing about some race condition - might be I never hit this condition
and you do more often.

Good luck