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New dual-boot laptop with two SSD drives: should I use LVM (and I have no experience with it)?

I've been using Linux for over 20 years, and Debian for over 10, but
I've always used conventonal partitions and /etc/fstab definitions.

Now that I'm getting a virgin, up-to-date laptop, I am considering
ising LVM but want to get the option of expert users: Should I go that

Every thing I read says I should, but my reluctance in the the past
has always been my comfort level with handling disk failures (I've had
my share) and recovery of lost data. Note that most of my disk
failures have been the computer interface and I have been able to read
the "bad" disk from another computer via a USB inteface.

I'm leaning toward using LVM but would appreciate any advice from LVM users.


Best regards,