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Re: DVD Creation software

On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 12:48:13PM +0100, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to take a set of video files (I have mp4  and am aware they
> need transcoding) and put these on a dvd along with a menu etc, so they
> can be played from VLC or as a normal dvd.
> I did this years ago, it appears the application bombono no longer
> exists (or it is not in the Debian repositories)

I haven't done this for a few years now, but in the early 20-teens, I 
did a _lot_ of this, and I used tovid which is still in the repos at 
least in Stretch.

It has a GUI which is a little buggy if I remember but works. For much 
of my tovid days I used the command line tools, and migrated to the GUI 
towards the end. You can do quite a lot with it -- all you mentioned and 
more. You can get quite sophisticated with the DVD menus and so on if 
you've got the patience.

Back in the day it was supported by a chap who went by the pseudonym 
"grepper", who was extremely helpful. I don't know if he's still 
supporting the tool or not. He was looking for someone to hand it over 
to back in the day, dunno if he ever found someone.

tovid did a way better job than anything else I tried of transcoding 
video for my most common usecase -- that of adjusting the TV format from 
PAL to NTSC. I needed to do this because my British relatives had a 
habit of buying DVDs for my kids in the UK, and we lived in Japan. Back 
in those days dual-TV-format DVD players were a rarity.

Check out tovid and if grepper is still supporting it, tell him I said