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debian/testing - consoleblank on i386 too short

Hi folks,


you might remember, I was searching for the reason, that on tty1 -5 the blank time is too short.


After I checked all the variable, now I believe, it is a bug in the kernel itself. As I tested with two identical configured systems (one is amd64, the other i386) and confirmed all configurations are identical (including /etc/console-tools/config), I checked


cat /sys/module/kernel/parameters/consoleblank

On the working system, I got "600" (which is 10 minutes) and the non working system I got "60" (which is only 1 minute).


I also tried "consoleblank=600" as kernel parameter, but with no success, just as the kernel does ignore the setting.


It looks like the kernel itself got the problem, as when setting

"setterm -blank 60", then it is working until next boot.


The only differnce between both systems is just the kernel.


Ah, and of course I checked the initscript, which is reading from

/etc/console-tools/config, here also both systems are identical.


Maybe there was a typo in the i386-kernel when built? 60 instead of 600? As far as I read, the blanktime is hardcoded in the kernel.


The running kernel here is 4.19.0-4-i386.


Would be nice, if someone could confirm my issue before I file a bugreport.


Again: This issue appeares only on my i386-system and appeared suddenly after an upgrade.


Best regards



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