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Re: New dual boot laptop: Best file system for a USB live image for installation?

On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 10:07:04AM +0200, deloptes wrote:
> Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> > Why not ? Current versions support GPT.
> Thank you my fault - I have missed something

It changed after wheezy.

Wheezy's man page says:

       fdisk  does  not  understand GUID partition tables (GPTs) and it is not
       designed for large partitions.  In these cases, use the  more  advanced
       GNU parted(8).

Jessie's man page says:

       fdisk  is a dialog-driven program for creation and manipulation of par‐
       tition tables.  It understands GPT, MBR, Sun,  SGI  and  BSD  partition

A lot of people are still using cached knowledge from pre-jessie days.