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Re: terminal with right-click = paste?

On 4/11/19, bw <bwtnguy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>>What I have now:
> See, this is one place where I get confused, and find documentation
> lacking.  I often get different results using one of these...
> xterm*whatever
> xterm.whatever
> xterm*VT100.whatever
> xterm.vt100.whatever
> *VT100.whatever
> It seems there are different ways to match these resource descripters.
> The caps as well as the * and . make a difference also in how they match.
> I'm not sure if it's regex, which I am real limited in, or some other
> voodoo that has some better documentation than the xterm manpage, because
> I have read the manpage and I just don't get it.

I don't understand it yet either.  But it sure looks like some kind of
pattern matching, so I'm guessing that
sets the property regardless of what the xterm is pretending to be vs.
would set the property only if the xterm is pretending to be a VT100.

It seems like I'd want my settings regardless of what the xterm is
pretending to be, so I'm going with XTERM* settings.  (altho it looks
like there's only two choices - vt100 and tek4014 & I doubt I'll ever
want to emulate a tektronics terminal)

The difference between XTerm.vt100.whatever and XTerm*vt100.whatever
is explained in the man page:

       The following resources are specified as part of the vt100
widget (class VT100).
       They are specified by patterns such as

       If your xterm is configured to support the “toolbar”, then
those patterns need an
       extra level for the form-widget which holds the toolbar and
vt100 widget.  A
       wildcard between the top-level “XTerm” and the “vt100” widget makes the
       resource settings work for either, e.g., “XTerm*vt100.NAME”.

so apparently there's something like XTerm.toolbar.vt100.xxx resources?

As for upper/lower case - I dunno.  I copied from the example in the
man page but I just did a quick search & it has

    NOTE: some resource files use patterns such as
        *font: fixed
    which are overly broad, affecting both
    which is probably not what you intended.

so I don't know if case is significant or no