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Re: Zenbook Numpad/Touchpad

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>Hi, I would like to report a bug which may be driver or firmware related.  
>I am running Buster KDE on a Asus Zenbook UX433 with the combined 
>numpad/touchpad.  I was on stock Buster kernel but have also tried the 
>latest Liquorix kernel 5.0.0-7.1-liquorix-amd64
>The options in the control centre are greyed out and settings seem to be 
>set to a default that cannot be changed, e.g. 2 finger scroll works and 
>tap to click but these cannot be turned off, and other features cannot be 
>turned on.  The numpad does not work.  Sensitivity can't be adjusted and 
>often, the cursor stops moving with your finger movement as though it has 
>stopped detecting your finger.  How should I file this bug?
>Mike Sumner

Did you check to see if it has already been reported?