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Re: New dual boot laptop: Best file system for a USB live image for installation?

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>1. What is the best filesystem (FS) to use on the USB? They usually come 
>with a FAT32 or exFAT FS, but I have in the past made them exFAT. As I 
>understand it, I believe I can just copy the Debian CD live iso image 
>file onto the USB and it will be found and booted from fine.
>2. If a straight copy works as in question 1, is there any problem with 
>adding other files on the USB? I have a 64 Gb USB I would like to use for 
>both a live image as well as storing other files on it.
>Given that I'm starting with two clean drives, my plan is to use the 
>small disk for Win 10 and the other for Debian and maybe have a small 
>partition to experiment with a BSD OS.
>3. Any suggestions as to partitioning given the advantages of the new (to 
>me) GPT disk formats?
>4. Which partitioning program is best to use? I am used to using fdisk 
>and parted, but I see partion manager mentioned.

All of these are probably answered in the list archives, the FAQs or in 
the wiki.

I like the live system, but I don't usually use it to install, or 
prepartition.  You can prepare it like the link below says and then use 
fdisk or your preferred tool to make a partition to use the rest of the 


The debian installer has a built in partitioner and it is very nice.  I 
don't think there's a good reason in your case to prepartition?  I think 
most people would install win10 first, then install debian.  There are 
upmteen zillion articles on the web about it.

As far as partition layout, I would use smaller partitions for each os, 
instead of a whole disk for each.  I don't know how a Win10 layout would 
look.  Later on if you want to add something like a debian testing 
install, or move a swap partition, anothe linux distro or whatever, it's 
nice to have plenty of unallocated space.  Many people use LVM to handle 
things like that, so you might want to read up on it.