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Re: terminal with right-click = paste?

On 11.04.2019 1:37, Lee wrote:
On 4/10/19, Alexander V. Makartsev <avbetev@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 11.04.2019 0:41, Lee wrote:
I installed the xfce version of debian 9 & have a terminal icon on the
menu bar that starts xfce4-terminal

Is there some way to configure xfce4-terminal so that a right mouse
click pastes text?
What I have now is right-click brings up a menu where I have to left
click on paste.  ick.

How do I find out what other terminal programs are already installed
that I can try?

What terminal programs are available that have a 'right click pastes
text' option _and_ has a scroll bar that is
1. easily visible
2. goes up/down a page at a time when left-clicking above/below the scroll
3. has up/down buttons on the scroll bar that scrolls a line at a time
when clicking on the button


Try keyboard shortcuts instead.
Shift+Ctrl+V - Paste
It's more convenient IMO, you won't move your hands away from keyboard
and simply continue typing after paste.
But how do you get something into the paste buffer without using the mouse?
That depends of course. I use 'vim' to edit files and 'tmux' [1], so most of the time I copy text from terminal (from opened man pages, sample config files, output of another command in another terminal section, ssh sessions, etc) using keyboard shortcuts.
These programs encourage you (and make it possible) to use more of a keyboard and much less of a mouse.
Left double-click to select a "word" & right click to paste is pretty
much automatic for me now - which is why I'm looking for a xfce4
terminal replacement

Thanks anyway tho

[1] https://www.hamvocke.com/blog/a-quick-and-easy-guide-to-tmux/
With kindest regards, Alexander.

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