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Re: terminal with right-click = paste?

On 4/10/19, bw wrote:
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> pcU-rFw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>altho lxterm, uxterm and xterm all create a tiny window with the font
>>size so small they're damn near unusable.  And no obvious menu I can
>>find to change the font size, window size or anything, so more man
>>page spelunking for me.
> xterm is good, but yeah it is not very useful out of the box.  There are
> menus, most of the time you can get them by holding down ctrl and using
> either mouse button.

That's something I would have never guessed.  Hold down the <ctrl> key
+ right click and hold _inside_ the xterm window and I get a menu that
lets me select "large" as a font size.  So at least the xterm window
contents are readable now.

No option to save that setting, but still.. progress, so thank you!

> I never tried to remap the middle mouse paste, I think that is part of
> the x server,  not necessarily the particular terminal.

I'm hoping there's something along the lines of
  XTerm*rightMouseButton: paste
that I can put into an X resource file and have right click = paste
inside an xterm window & right click anywhere else still be the
default action.

>  It probably could
> be done but if you could gravitate to shift-ins and middle mouse click to
> paste it might serve you well.

Maybe someday, but for now I'm still of the opinion that the computer
should change to accommodate my work style - not the other way around.

> Let people know what you find out.  Especially if you get any good
> .Xresources settings or find good documentation about this.

Nope - I haven't found anything yet.  Hopefully because I'm still too
close to the bottom of the X windows learning curve.

> It is fairly
> rare to find good documentation on these settings IME.  The xterm FAQ is
> huge and worth looking thru, but hard to find out exactly who does what
> sometimes.
> https://invisible-island.net/xterm/xterm.faq.html

Thanks - I'll check it out.