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Re: terminal with right-click = paste?

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>altho lxterm, uxterm and xterm all create a tiny window with the font
>size so small they're damn near unusable.  And no obvious menu I can
>find to change the font size, window size or anything, so more man
>page spelunking for me.

xterm is good, but yeah it is not very useful out of the box.  There are 
menus, most of the time you can get them by holding down ctrl and using 
either mouse button.

I never tried to remap the middle mouse paste, I think that is part of 
the x server,  not necessarily the particular terminal.  It probably could 
be done but if you could gravitate to shift-ins and middle mouse click to 
paste it might serve you well.  They both seem to "usually" be a reliable 
way to work, if your clipboard is set to "synchronize with selection."

Let people know what you find out.  Especially if you get any good 
.Xresources settings or find good documentation about this.  It is fairly 
rare to find good documentation on these settings IME.  The xterm FAQ is 
huge and worth looking thru, but hard to find out exactly who does what 


good luck,