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Re: terminal with right-click = paste?

On 4/10/19, bw wrote:
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>>How do I find out what other terminal programs are already installed
>>that I can try?
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> Most of them still seem to register with the debian alternatives system,
> but no guarantee.
> $ update-alternatives --list x-terminal-emulator
> /usr/bin/koi8rxterm
> /usr/bin/konsole
> /usr/bin/lxterm
> /usr/bin/uxterm
> /usr/bin/xterm

Thanks for that - yet another command to add to my notes.
$ update-alternatives --list x-terminal-emulator

altho lxterm, uxterm and xterm all create a tiny window with the font
size so small they're damn near unusable.  And no obvious menu I can
find to change the font size, window size or anything, so more man
page spelunking for me.

> I don't think I recall seeing right-click to paste, how did you get used
> to that?

Microsoft Windows.  My recollection is putty could be configured to
set right-click to paste.  With cygwin mintty it's trivially easy to
set the right mouse button to be 'paste'.  As is setting the "double
click selects a word" word definition characters.  Or at least I
remember it being trivially easy .. maybe that option was removed from
the menu?

In any case, my idea of 'how things should work' has been shaped by
using MS windows & windows programs.  It wasn't until Windows 10 that
I even tried setting up a linux machine at home.

>  Why can't you continue to use the term that got you used to it?

I could, but I'd rather stop using Windows.  Altho lately I keep
asking myself if the Windows 10 spyware/operating-system-as-a-service
is _really_ all that horrible.