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Re: terminal with right-click = paste?

On 4/10/19, Dan Ritter <dsr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Lee wrote:
>> On 4/10/19, Dan Ritter <dsr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > Lee wrote:
>> >> I installed the xfce version of debian 9 & have a terminal icon on the
>> >> menu bar that starts xfce4-terminal
>> >>
>> >> Is there some way to configure xfce4-terminal so that a right mouse
>> >> click pastes text?
>> >> What I have now is right-click brings up a menu where I have to left
>> >> click on paste.  ick.
>> >
>> > Middle button is probably set to paste right now.
>> It is!!  So how do I change that setting so that right click is set to
>> paste?
> You don't! The programmers didn't include that.

wow.  just.. wow.  I wonder if that omission has anything to do with
the xterm popcon graph showing about 100K users & xfce4-terminal
about 28K

> You can change your button mapping for all of X with xmodmap.

but then everywhere I expect a right click to pull up a menu won't - correct?

Oh well... I'll give xterm a try.