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Re: How to build linux kernal package

Thomas Nyberg wrote:

> 1. If someone here knows the specific issue with the linux package, what
> am I doing wrong here?
> 2. Is there a general procedure e.g. `debian/rules build && debian/rules
> binary` which _should_ work (in other words if it doesn't work, it's a
> bug). Or is the specific build procedure package dependent?
> 3. If the procedure is package dependent, where is it documented? I
> guess there must be scripts somewhere on some build servers that build
> this...are they accessible somewhere?
> Let me know if you'd like more information. Thanks for any help!

I do not know about the debian kernel, but I download the kernel source from
kernel.org. I copy the config and do make oldconfig ... there are questions
to be answered regarding newer modules or functionality. Finally I do make
deb-pkg -j4. The -j4 is to let make use my 4 CPUs. Few minutes later I have
a new kernel.
The advantage is that I enable only drivers that I need and I have a recent
kernel. Disadvantage is that it needs testing. Meanwhile I optimized a
config for all machine types around and I upgrade only if there are bugs
fixed for those machines architecture.

For your problem though you can try

        $ apt source linux-image-$(uname -r)
        $ cd linux-4.9.144
        $ debuild -uc -us -b -j4