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Re: putty go slow

On Wednesday, April 10, 2019 06:00:01 AM Peter Wiersig wrote:
> mick crane <mick.crane@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > It's got "8 port switch" printed on it but if there is network activity
> > all the lights seem to flash.
> Ok, that simple you can't distinguish between hubs and switches:
> If you connect a new device to your network, the switch has still to ask
> for IP->MAC resolutions on unknown IPs, and broadcast packets need to be
> transmitted on all ports.  But a file transfer for say a linux
> distribution ISO should only be flickering 2 LEDs.
> I found that there is a price point below which the device is no true
> switch anymore and should be replaced.  Over here it's 50 EUR or so,
> for your quoted 8 ports.  Correction: Probably lower at 35 EUR. Mazbe I
> had more ports with that other price point.

Maybe, but I've bought things that I think are (5-port) switches (advertised 
as such) for in the range of $10 in various sales or on ebay, and so far, have 
no reason to doubt them.

I guess I'll have to really test in the near future.

Ok, just did a simple test -- on a 5-port switch, with 5 devices plugged in, 
one powered off:
   * solid green lights on 4 ports (when no traffic) indicate the 4 devices that 
are powered up
   * flashing green lights on 2 ports when data  being transferred 

I believe it is a switch -- will check the other switch in service ...

Ok, same thing.