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Problem loading Debian 9.8.0

Hi Suppot, 

I installed Debian 9.8.0 on my laptop using an iso DVD image and Virtualbox 6.0.4


I create a virtual drive of 50GB and loaded the ISO from a local folder on my Laptop.

The installation went fine but when it went to boot the Virtual box software but the Debian OS didn't load.

A black box opened up with a flashing cursor in the Top LHS.  It looks as if its waiting for more files to be loaded before but it just sits there doing nothing.  

I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it again with no success.  I also have tried installing an earlier version of debian but get the same result.  I have checked every thing and it seems to be okay.  Virtual box seems to be working okay and the top tab says Debian [Running]

Is it my laptop.  I am using a Panasonic Toughbook with windows 10 build 1803. .  it has a standard hard drive with 1TB  space. 16GB RAM.  I already made one change to the bios enabling AMD-V.  Do I need to make any more.  I can send more info on the laptop if required.

Any suggestions would be welcome.