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Re: putty go slow

On Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 03:01:51PM +0200, Peter Wiersig wrote:
I strive for local networks that would have single digit drops in 47m
packets and I'm willing to spend the money for the equipment to achieve
that.  My quoted ifconfig output comes from a rented server in some
datacenter where I don't have the power to choose anything HW related
apart from my price point for the server cost, and they almost reach my
goal in error counters.  I have no idea how critical micks hardware is
and what budget choices he makes.

A drop in that output indicates that the packet was lost on the local machine. It's not a hardware issue on the network so changing out pieces of the network isn't going to change it. If it was a higher percentage I'd look at whether a NIC with better offload was warranted, or a CPU upgrade, or whether the system was running network-related software that could be upgraded to something more efficient, etc. There's more debugging that could be done if needed, but for .01% I'd write it off as a momentary blip, maybe related to load during startup of a network service, and ignore it unless it started growing.

Mike Stone