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Re: Graphics::Magick

On 2019-04-10 08:46, mick crane wrote:
I don't know if you are supposed to get this perl stuff with apt or from cpan.
got Image::Imlib2 to do useful things
and I have Image::Magick but I'm struggling translating the syntax
from ImageMagick to Image::Magick

the GraphicsMagick web pages seemed a little clearer
Graphics::Magick doesn't seem to be on cpan
installed graphicsmagick with apt
the graphicmagick webpage says
"PerlMagick is installed by default by installing GraphicsMagick.
Installing PerlMagick as a subordinate package of GraphicsMagick is
the best way to avoid problems."

How do I install PerlMagick as a subordinate package of GraphicsMagick ?

apt search perlmagick
perlmagick/testing,testing 8: all
  Perl interface to ImageMagick -- dummy package

I should have added that if I
use Graphics::Magick;

I get "Can't locate Graphics/Magick.pm"

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