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Re: build vs install

On 09/04/2019 19:03, Lee wrote:
On 4/9/19, Michael Howard wrote:
On 09/04/2019 16:35, Lee wrote:
What are the downsides to getting the source code and doing the
build/install myself vs. using a pre-built package other than I'm
responsible for noticing the software needs to be updated?

The latest example is ttcp
    http://nuttcp.net/nuttcp/latest/  has 8.1.4
    https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/nuttcp  has 6.1.2-4

If I ever decide to go with the debian package I just uninstall the
software I built and .. anything else that needs to be done before
installing an official package?


You could build a debian package from the source and let apt take care
of install/updates/uninstall. Admittedly, it could be a bit of work
initially with versions so far apart as above but it is an option.
That's an interesting idea.  Get the debian stuff from
and see which patches still apply to the current version of the software.

But I'm missing what letting apt take care of
install/updates/uninstall gets me since I'd be the one creating &
updating the home-built package.

It's simply a case that apt then knows that ttcp is installed and at what version in case of conflicts or security aspects etc. If you simply do a ./configure && make && make install or what not, apt has no idea what you've done.

Mike Howard