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Re: build vs install

On Tue, 9 Apr 2019 14:58:22 -0400
Lee <ler762@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Lee,

>OK - good to know.  Somehow I'd got the impression that systemd was
>moving to a windows registry type thing for config data instead of

I've no idea about that.  I don't think systemd is really relevant to
the topic under discussion here, though.

>keeping it in plain text files.

For some years now, Grub (well, Grub2) has used a binary format for
configs.  Lilo has for done so for even longer, of course.  Mozilla
stores much of its application and config data in SQlite databases, as do
other organisations.  Ever more things are making use of XML in a
similar way.  Obviously, that's still human readable(1).

(1)  Well, that is to say, humans can view it in a text editor rather
than a binary file viewer/editor.  Whether the content makes any sense to
the reader is another matter entirely, of course.   :-)

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