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putting config files under revision control

What are people doing for putting config files in [under?] git?

I'd like to have at least some system config files maintained in git
so I can get a history of changes.
  (and yes, I know, I really should be using a backup system for that,
but I'm still at the 'rsync to usb drive' stage)

For stuff that multiple people are allowed to update, I'm thinking

mkdir /source
   # config files go in a /source/<package> dir
chgrp staff source
  # add whoever is allowed to update configs to the 'staff' group

And then for something like bind where the config files are kept in /etc/bind
  mkdir /source/bind
Set the appropriate permissions on /source/bind, copy the files from
/etc/bind & create a make file where  'make install' will do something
  sudo rsync --include-from=xxx (or maybe --files-from==xxx) /etc/bind
and then a 'sudo rndc reload' to tell bind to read the new files.

Which seems workable but not very general.  Any pointers on how to do it better?